In line with the specific objectives of the financial inclusion framework of CBN through our training courses we are able to:

• Increase individual knowledge and skills to make sound financial decisions through better understanding and appreciation of the risk/reward trade-off in investment and borrowing choices;
• Increase awareness on the necessity for individuals to have a personal financial plan encapsulated in a budget, adhere to the budget, and prioritize their spending according to their most pressing needs rather than wants;
• Help financially excluded individuals know, understand and access financial products and services at affordable cost;
• Help individuals/businesses understand their rights and obligations when they enter into loan contracts and other forms of financial transactions in order to minimize credit risk in the financial system and protect consumers;
• Increase ability of individuals and firms to generate and save income, enabling them to take responsibility for their future;
• Empower individuals by enhancing their ability to combat social pressure, improve their financial knowledge and financial planning skills.