Habiba Balogun
Course Coordinator

Habiba Balogun, is an Organisation Effectiveness specialist, certified Leadership Coach, Trainer & Team Facilitator, and certified NLP Practitioner with a Masters degree in Organisational Management from George Washington University, Washington DC. She is an alumnus of Harvard Business School Executive Education in Strategic Leadership. She has worked with clients consulting and training in the US, Europe, Africa and Asia, and all over Nigeria, including the Niger-Delta and North-East, and progressed through various management roles and industries. She is also an experienced serving NGOs and Business Associations. Her qualifications include: 20 years experience in Organisation Development, Change & Project Management 28 years experience in public relations, customer relations & marketing Keen insight into the challenges of organisational systems and leadership Leadership skills including visioning, strategy, stakeholder engagement, coaching, individual and team performance, emotional intelligence, and conflict management. Recruitment, HR start-ups, and HR restructuring in large and small organisations Habiba is well-travelled and speaks Ebira, English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian