Success4All is an organisation that provides financial literacy and personal financial planning to all, irrespective of income level, educational achievement or employment status. Just about everyone wants to become financially independent. So the question now is, why do few people get there? One of the secrets to attaining financial health is that it does not 'just happen'. It starts with financial education, a detailed plan and the discipline to commit to that plan.

At Success4All, we also help you establish a financial firewall between your personal finances and business. Keeping them separate simplifies things and makes it easier to manage your finances, and to accurately assess whether you are busy making turnover or in the business of making profit.

Success4All trains you on how to become financially independent, how to make objective decisions in the face of social pressure, and how to maintain clear lines between business and personal finances for your benefit.

Who we are

Who we are

S4ALL Limited delivers financial literacy and personal financial training that activates the learner to put their knowledge into ethical practice, thereby impacting their personal, professional and business effectiveness.
What We Do

What We Do

We promote financial health, financial inclusion, financial literacy, ethical financial practices, and professionalism in finance through our flagship training courses: Financial Health Clinic, Combatting Social Pressure, and Separating Business & Personal Finances.

Financial Inclusion

In line with the specific objectives of the financial inclusion framework of CBN through our training courses we are able to;
• Increase individual knowledge and skills to make sound financial decisions through better understanding and appreciation of the risk/reward trade-off in investment and borrowing choices.
• Increase awareness on the necessity for individuals to have a personal financial plan encapsulated in a budget, adhere to the budget, and prioritize their spending according to their most pressing needs rather than wants.
• Help financially excluded individuals know, understand and access financial products and services at affordable cost.
• Help individuals/businesses understand their rights and obligations when they enter into loan contracts and other forms of financial transactions in order to minimize credit risk in the financial system and protect consumers.
• Increase ability of individuals and firms to generate and save income, enabling them to take responsibility for their future
• Empower individuals by enhancing their ability to combat social pressure, improve their financial knowledge and financial planning skills.